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"Arlene introduced me to Yoga only this year and I have rarely missed a class since. Never thought I would be so much into it but Arlene’s classes became a vital part of my weeks schedule. They keep my grounded, sane and connected to my body.  Her classes are for every level and her patience and throughout motivation make exercising very enjoyable. 
Wouldn’t want to miss Yoga in my life again and I I’m thankful I got introduced to Arlene!"


Testimonials: Testimonials

I hadn’t taken yoga regularly in years and now I literally look forward to Arlene’s classes all week. She’s been a godsend during these crazy times. Her classes are targeted and challenging yet entirely rejuvenating. She has an amazing ability to push you to crazy poses you didn’t even think you would dare try and I always finish the class feeling stronger and inspired.  Thank you Arlene!


Testimonials: Testimonials

"Being a novice and coming in worried about where to start. Arlene was a champion at instilling confidence. Her group classes are amazing and give a range of disciplines and encourage learning at a comfortable rate.  I added a weekly Private session to help with my strength training. She developed a programme that helped me understand my physique and how to maximise my output. Her relaxed and comforting attitude engage you spiritually and physically.  It's essential to feel safe when working to push the limits of your body, especially in these 'remote' times. Her online discipline and attention to detail are


Testimonials: Testimonials
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